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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glutathione - How Does Glutathione Really Work?


Incidentally, a side effect of increased glutathione intake is skin whitening. The recommended dosage of glutathione for antioxidant or anti aging medication is 10 to 20mg / kg / body weight. When this is doubled, it results in skin whitening. How it works is, glutathione interacts with the melanin in our body. Melanin are skin pigments that determines the color of our skin depending on which types are more abundant in the body.
Glutathione whitening pills reverse the dark melanin pigments in our skin called eumelanin, and turn them into pheomelanin (a pigment typical of Chinese or American descent). The whitening process begins internally, moving from the dermis to the epidermis layers of the skin. This is why it is said to be more effective than topical creams that work in reverse.
Most glutathione tablets require vitamin C supplement, which helps the glutathione stay in its absorbable form and at the same time, release the vitamin C's potential whitening properties. Once you've reached the skin tone you want, it's advisable, but not necessary, to continue drinking glutathione in a lower dosage for maintenance. The results are said to be permanent so long as you don't expose yourself to the sun excessively, or when it can't be helped, sunscreen is a must.
Whitening results vary from person to person, depending on several factors like original skin color, weight, metabolism and dosage. Generally, results depend on how well your body absorbs the glutathione supplement and the length of time that it stays in your system. Some users report results as fast as one to three months after taking the whitening pill, whil others with darker skin tone can usually expect to see results three to six months later.
Widespread health benefits also explain why not all glutathione users necessarily take it to whiten their skin. It detoxifies nicotine for smokers and is also used to treat illnesses like Parkinson's disease and blood disorders.

While no therapeutic effects have been directly proven yet, studies show that the more glutathione you have in your body, the more protected you are against the dangers of cancer, liver damage, heart disease and other sorts of chronic illness. The strong antioxidant effects of glutathione keep cells running smoothly, and in effect promote overall good health.

Tips: If you are using oral intake glutathione...I highly recommended to add a 1000mg for the Vitamin C plus the glutathione capsule each intake... Our body can adopt 600mg of glutathione.. So, it means you can intake the capsule one at time. You can intake around 1-2 capsules a day depends how you intake...can be 1 in the morning plus 1000mg vitamin c and 1 in the evening plus 1000mg vitamin c. You can achieve the whiter skin around 1-3 month vary in your skin.

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