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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Healthy Components Of A Skin Lightener

Do you wonder how skin lightener lightens the dark discolorations on our skin? Its active components determine how effective it is in terms of whitening the skin. The following are the most commonly used ingredients used in formulating skin whiteners:
Kojic Acid: The Kojic Acid is an active component that is used for treatment of dark spots and over pigmentation on the skin. It is used to replace the Hydroquinone, once to be known as an effective skin whitener but was discovered to have side effects. Research showed that this is very efficient as a lightening agent, suppressing the melanin formulation on the skin.
Second is the Lemon Juice Extract. This is popular natural skin bleacher. This must be mixed with small concentration because this can cause skin irritation. If too much amount of this is applied on the skin, for very sensitive skin, it will result to dryness.
Licorice Extract: The licorice extract is not used only in skin whitening, but is used also in other areas of skin care. One of its components is the glabridin, known to be a good whitener because it prevents the activation of tyrosinase. Also, this is very safe to use since it can whiten the skin without threatening the health of the user.
A skin lightening agent and a mineral to the body, that is the Vitamin C. It does not only strengthen the defense of the body but it also helps in the health of the skin. There are food supplements in the drug store that offers vitamin C but this can be found also in some fruits and vegetables.
Mulberry Extract:This ingredient is used also in replacement of Hydroquinone. Mulberry extracts may be from white mulberry and paper mulberry. It contains arbutin, an inhibitor of the production of melanin on the skin. Pure forms of arbutin are more effective in the whitening of the skin.
Far different from the other lightening agent, the glycolic acid works by peeling the outermost layer of the skin. The outermost layer of the skin is usually the dead skin. Since it peels the skin, it must come into proper amount because it might irritate the skin when improper dose is used.
There are other ingredients of a skin lightener but those were just some of the commonly used. To ensure safety, check the label of the product first before using it. You might end up damaging your skin instead of restoring its beauty.

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